10x12 Reclosable Zip Lock Plastic Clear Poly Bag

10" x 12" Clear Reclosable Zip Lock Plastic Poly Bag - 2mm - 100 Count

  • Specifications: 100 COUNT. 10” Width X 12” Height (From below the Zipper to the bottom of the Bag). 2mm Thickness.
  • Reclosable Bags are made with premium-grade LDPE. Our Poly Bags are durable, reinforced and offer extra protection during storage or the shipping and packaging process. Our powerful Zip Locks are also incredibly easy to seal and are super secure.
  • Wide Range of Usage: Great for storage, protection, organization, shipping and packaging. Widely used for sewing supplies, cosmetics, travel kits, craft supplies, fabrics, books, paperwork, catalogs, photographs, owner manuals, flyers, booklets, documents, jackets, sweaters, and other clothing.
  • Will It Fit?: You will also need to measure your product’s Depth (Thickness) in addition to its Width & Height because the poly bag will need to fit around your whole item. Item Width + Item Depth + ½ Inch = Bag Width /// Item Height + Item Depth + ½ Inch = Bag Height.